While Rohit Pawar hopes for citizen donations, BJP ridicules govt for not providing funds
Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) Rohit Pawar has launched a foundation for developing his constituency of Karjat Jamkhed.
Pawar claimed that citizens will be able to donate and participate in activities for development of the constituency through the foundation, called Karjat Jamkhed Development Foundation.
Opposition leaders have criticised the move, stating that this foundation sounds like a confession that Pawar is unable to get money from the government for the development of his constituency.

According to Pawar, the foundation will work in various sectors, including health, education, sanitation and water conservation, among others. A website will be launched for this purpose, through which citizens will be able to choose whether they want to donate or volunteer for a specific project. They will also be able to select the cause for which they want to donate. Along with this, a special emphasis will be given to tourism opportunities for the constituency.Pawar said, “This constituency is lagging behind on many aspects and indexes of development. So there is a need for focused development. Government funds get used for various purposes. But there is a lot that can be done beyond this. Hence, for achieving this purpose, we have decided to launch this initiative. We are going to involve many organisations who are doing focussed work on issues. These funds will be used for this work.”Opposition leaders have criticised the move. Keshav Upadhaye, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson said, “While it is a good thought that he wants to gather funds from private organisations for doing work in his constituency, it is also a confession that he is failing to fetch funds from the government that his party is leading.” The foundation will be inaugurated by ministers Aditya Thackeray and Aditi Tatkare on February 15.


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